Hounds Set Preseason Schedule, Your Attendance is Expected

This morning, word slipped out about a few Riverhounds’ preseason game, by way of their collegiate opponents’ websites. By this afternoon, the team released the entire preseason fixture list.





Feb. 24

University of Pittsburgh

6 p.m.

Highmark Stadium

March 1

Marshall University

2 p.m.

Highmark Stadium

March 7

Western Illinois University

2 p.m.

Highmark Stadium

March 8

Army University

2 p.m.

Highmark Stadium

March 13

Duquesne University

1 p.m.

Highmark Stadium

March 15

University of Akron

2 p.m.

University of Akron*

March 21

University of Charleston, WV

7 p.m.

Highmark Stadium


All games will be open door exhibitions with no charge to attend.

We’d like to draw your attention to the final game, March 21, against Charleston-WV. That, by all reasonable estimations, should by the weekend before the USLPro regular season kicks off. It will be the Steel Army’s best chance to get into proper form before the games that really matter. With that said… we’re making that game the “official” Steel Army preseason/training event. The tailgate starts at 4pm, and we’re treating it like it counts. Attendance will be noted and placed on your permanent record.

The team won’t be starting the season out-of-shape (hopefully) and nether will we. Plus, we get to work on the all the Charleston Battery lines we’re so fond of using. No excuses!