Game 4 Recap: Head Meet Desk


Over the course of a 30+ game season you’re going to have a few stinkers that are just frustrating to watch. Wednesday night was one of those. A 90 minute slog resulting in a notch in the L column. Outside of the early gimmie goal from our perspective the Hounds never seemed to click. In the first half we saw a little bit of the squad we’ve come to know over the first three games, but come the second half the 2016 Hounds decided to made an appearance. Maybe it was the change in the lineup (hello early season injury bug), or just something in the air. Who knows? As the game progressed we started to see a lot of long balls, crosses into the box going 10 yards too long, and way too many hopeful shots from outside the 18. When the team plays bad they’re going to hate us looking at the new stat system. 5 of the 6 shots in the second half were from at least 20 yards out, and half of them blocked. Not exactly quality chances. The longer the game went on the sloppier they got. Not the type of play we’ve come to expect from the Hounds in this short season.

Short week, short recap. The Hounds are in a bit of a slog of a schedule right now. Three matches in eight days. Fortunately because of this we won’t have to dwell on Wednesday night’s performance for long. The Hounds travel to Charlotte this Saturday to take on the Independence. Kickoff is at 7 pm. Catch it on YouTube.