GAME 25 QUICK RECAP: Gridiron Football


What a mess of a game. Between the field, the ref, and both keepers making terrible decisions, I don’t know what you can take away from it other than the Hounds once again drop points. Again they looked damn good for stretches, and again barely anything to show for it. This is not the time of the year to forget how to close out a game. With nine games to go, even with the possible six point swing against Cincinnati whatever challenges the Hounds has hope for first place is pretty much gone. Which is fine. After a couple seasons at the bottle no one would have thought they’d come this far in one season. The team has a nearly equal buffer to the last playoff spot so I think we can feel good about that. The goal now should be to…



It was one of those games. A game where both teams played exactly like you would expect from their position in the standings, and yet the better team couldn’t figure it out to get three points. These are the type of matches that, usually being in Charlotte’s position, we reveled in during prior seasons. Nothing better than stealing points from a top team. This year though we find ourselves on the other side of the coin and it just plain stinks. It’s incredibly frustrating to see the guys play so well through the midfield only to stumble in the opposing 18. It goes without saying watching this while up a man for nearly half the game makes it worse. And so many corners! What do we need to sacrifice to score on a corner?! Ugh. On the bright side the defense continues…

Game 22 Recap: Truckin’


The good times train keeps on rolling with the Hounds picking up their third victory in a row. BUT AT WHAT COST?!?!!!?

Dramatics aside this was another mostly dominate performance from the Hounds. The midfield was smothering, the offense had several dangerous chances, and except for a pair of miscues the defense was stout. It’s the kind of match we fully expect at this point.

Neco Brett continued his march all over opposing defenses and up the golden boot rankings. His first goal showed a wonderful bit of finesse and ball control as he undressed the defender to find a bit of room. That roll over was something only a striker oozing with confidence would do and pull off. To follow that up with a pin point perfect shot at the corner makes all the boys and girls hearts flutter. His second goal…

Watch Party This Sunday Sunday Sunday


Hey Army! August is a bit of a weird month as far as game days go. Most of the Hounds matches are on weeknights which doesn’t lend itself well to watch parties. So for our August party we’re going to have one this Sunday when the Hounds head to Bethlehem. We know it’s a bit of an odd day and odd time but we hope you all still come join us at Smokin’ Joes in the South Side to cheer on the boys. Kick off is at 5 pm, party starts at 4. The usual specials and a free Golden Hound after every Hounds goal is still in effect. As always please remember this is a 21 and over event.