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Game 16 Recap: 4th of July Dud


I’ve lost track of how many times I come out of a game thinking “well they played alright, it just wasn’t their night.” It’s getting tiring to say the least. Maybe the guys had too many hot dogs earlier in the day, or maybe Charlotte just has our number- we’re 0-5-2 against them over the last three seasons. Whatever it was, Tuesday night sure didn’t go according to plan.

While the roster may have been different, the Hounds played similar to how they did against Tampa nearly two weeks before. This time though the offense couldn’t put the ball in the back of the net to save their lives (save for Walsh’s pity goal in the 92nd minute). It wasn’t for lack of chances either. Hertzog and Parkes had several great shots. They just either couldn’t find the corner of the net…

Game 13 Recap: The Wheel Keeps Turning


In a shocking turn of events the Hounds played in Rochester in dry conditions and on a good field. In less shocking events the Hounds came home with another loss. Just when the Hounds get their feet back under them with a win, this season knocks them down again. It’s always a tough matchup against Rochester. Historically they have our number. Underneath my pessimism there was part of me that was thinking the Hounds could pull the upset. Rochester isn’t particularly strong this season and maybe the Hounds would start heading into the other direction after a nice home win. Sadly it wasn’t the case. I guess the bookies know what they’re doing when the opening line is +400.

I’ve said it before in other recaps and I hate being a broken record, but the frustrating part of the loss is there were…

Game 8 Recap: Won a Game, Lost a Coach


What a whirlwind couple of days huh? In less than twenty-four hours the Hounds won their first game of the season, parted ways with coach Steffens, and announced coach Brandt as his successor. I spent a good chunk of Sunday just processing it all. This is going to be a long one, there’s a lot to talk about. With the coaching change the win over Toronto FC II got kind of lost, so let’s talk about that first.

We’ve finally won a game! Boy does that feel good. Sure makes the rainy weather bearable. It was another exciting match between these two teams. The Hounds came out a little slow to start. While Toronto didn’t have many opportunities they did dominate possession early on. After a while the Hounds found their legs and really turned up the pressure. The started to control the…

GAME 7 RECAP: Hounds Fall to Cincy


The Hounds traveled to “THE” rival FC Cincinnati but came home empty; falling 1-0 to the home team. I mentioned on Twitter that if this was another year under different circumstances this wouldn’t have been too bad of a loss. It was another match where the Hounds seemed to play pretty well for stretches, but it’s 2016 and here we are. The Hounds are once again winless in their first seven, the third time in four years.

Coach Steffens talked about making some changes after the loss to Red Bulls II, and the most obvious one for this match was Mauricio Vargas getting his first professional start in net. Vargas was a little shaky at first. In one particular moment he came out to the edge of the box but wasn’t able to control the ball. The Cincy player had a shot at…