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GAME 11 RECAP: Too Little Too Late

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Well, it was bound to happen eventually and the last few games made it feel like it was coming sooner rather than later. The odds of going undefeated in a 34 game season was astronomical. Even Rochester, when Lilley won it all, eventually lost one. I think it’s safe to say though that we all hoped it wouldn’t come like this. I’d take a hard fought 2-1 loss on the road, but last night? Another frustrating offensive performance after a string of frustrating offensive performances? Ahh darkness, our old friend.

Just like the Harrisburg game, taken in isolation this game is kind of whatever. For over two thirds of the match it was fairly even with both teams trading chances. One sloppy mistake did us in, but that was it. Nashville didn’t light us up or anything. The offensive misses are frustrating…

GAME 1 RECAP: A Solid Start


It’s good to be back! After watching the rest of the league have fun the weekend before, the Hounds finally got in on the action on Saturday and brought home a point from Nashville. While a win would’ve been great, getting a point on the road to start the season is pretty alright.

Supposedly Nashville filled Nissan Stadium with about 19,000 fans with high hopes for their new USL team. If the Hounds let the new season jitters get to them it was a recipe for a quick disaster. Lucky for us Lilley knows what he’s doing. The Hounds of years past probably would’ve let up an early one, but 2018 Hounds held the line. Once the first 20 minutes passed and the game settled into its rhythm, it was clear that not only the Hounds were playing solid and composed defense,…

GAMEDAY 1: Nashville SC vs Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC


Nissan Stadium – 6PM

Watch: Locally – Pittsburgh CW (channel locator) Elsewhere: The YouTubes


REF: Mr. Leland Grant
AR1: Mr. Ryan Starr
AR2: Mr. Thai Huynh
4TH: Mr. Michael Smith


Via BET365

NSH: +125

Draw: +240

PIT: +162

Not much to talk about, right?

After an offseason that has borne a new badge, new head coach, major roster turnover, stadium expansion (hopefully?), an expanded fixture list and league size, the 2018 USL season has *finally* arrived. Where we go from here is beyond anyone’s guess. We think it’ll be better than 2017, which was better than 2016, which is all nothing more than damning by faint praise. Because, no…