Tifo painting 9/29


Hey Army! Next Saturday, September 29th, we’re going to be painting a tifo for an upcoming game. WE NEED YOUR HELP. If you’ve seen our displays in the past you know that they’re pretty big, and believe me it’s not a very quick or fun process to paint one with only 3 people. What we have planned has a lot of detail work which always slows things down. The more help we have the better it’ll be.

Painting will be at Zach’s place again in Squirrel Hill (same as the last few). To keep the secret allure of tifo and to not doxx Zach, if you’re interesting in coming please message us for the address (Twitter, Facebook, Email, Discord, whatever). Painting will start in the morning at 9 AM in the afternoon at 1 PM and go as long as we need….

GAMEDAY 2: Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC VS Harrisburg

gameday_2018 v3_m2

7PM – Highmark Stadium

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Watch: Locally – Pittsburgh CW (channel locator) Elsewhere – The YouTubes


REF: Mr. Charles Murphy
AR1: Mr. Ross Kleinstuber
AR2: Mr. Corey Yearce
4TH: Mr. Kerven Moon


VIA Bet365

PIT -110

DRAW +250

HAR +240


We could try to type out a well-thought and logical preview to today’s match, but we’re just too damn excited to make that happen. Instead, lets us direct you to places that have actually discussed that matchup, so we can get to tailgating and tifo stuff.

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Tifo painting reminder


Hey Army! Friendly reminder that we’ll be painting our end of the season tifo this Saturday AND Sunday. All the details can be found here. We’re going to need all the help we can get with this one so grab a paint brush and stop by!


Tifo Painting 9/30 and 10/1


Hey Army. It’s that time again. Put some dirty clothes on and get your paint brushes out, it’s time to do some painting!

This season marks the 10th season the Steel Army has been supporting the Riverhounds. Because of that we want to end the season big by putting together the largest tifo we’ve ever done. I’m talking magnitudes larger than anything we’ve done before. As far as I’m aware this’ll be one of if not the largest the league’s ever seen to boot. It goes without saying WE NEED YOUR HELP. We’ve been able to get by the last couple with a small paint crew since they were simple. This one, not so much.

Join us on September 30th at 9 AM, or the following day October 1st also at 9 AM. We’ll be at Zach’s place again in Squirrel Hill. Steel…