Announcing the 2nd Annual Steel Army Open

We are very proud and excited to announce that last year’s Steel Army Open will not be a one-off event. Polish off your turf shoes, pull up your argyle knee-highs and properly inflate those soccer balls as the 2nd Annual Steel Army Open is a-go!



Saturday, May 9, 2015

Cabin Greens (Foot)Golf Course

2pm Shotgun Kick-off

For everyone that was hiding under a rock or are new to the party this year, Footgolf is, unsurprisingly, the game of golf with a soccer ball in lieu of a golf ball, and your legs as the clubs.

Everyone that made it out last year had a blast despite the cool temperature and spitting rains. With those conditions in mind, we’ve moved this year’s event up a few months to hopefully buy us some better conditions.

We’re happy to say that we are also able to keep prices the same as last year.  $20 for Steel Army members and $25 for non-members. However, to help us accurately budget the event, those are the preregistered prices. After May 1st the prices jump to $25/$30, so we encourage everyone to get in early. To register, visit the Steel Army Merch page or in-person at any event or game. If your are looking to play in a specific foursome, please email us and let us know with whom you wish to be paired.

Your entrance fee include 18 holes of footgolf and access to the keg we will be purchasing. We will also have a sweet little trophy for the winner and special awards for the best dressed. While not mandatory, we will encourage everyone to play in formal footgolf attire, including shorts (or skirt), knee-high argyle socks, a collared shirt, and flat cap. Soccer cleats are not permitted so please bring turf or tennis shoes.

This was one of the best events of last season, and we are expecting this year’s version to be event better.