The first rule of tifo is… you do not talk about tifo. The second rule of tifo is… you do not talk about tifo.

So what is Tifo? Tifo is a visual display, usually involving large banners, that is created to show the passion and support that a supporters group has for their team. Tifo displays are created in secret and are not shown to the public or the team until it’s unveiled. Not only are they an eye catching show of support for the team, but the hard work that goes into hand crafting a unique display is a point of pride for a supporters group.

Each of our tifo displays are 100% created by hand by our members. Over the years we have developed an effective system of designing, sewing, and painting that has allowed us to make some of the best looking displays in the league.

It takes more than one person to pull off a tifo. Throughout the season, we’ll put out calls for volunteers to work on the displays. If you’re able to make it, we encourage you to put on some old clothes come out! These things do not happen without help. Tifo days are a great time to meet fellow Steel Army members, have a couple beers, and bond over cans of paint. If you’re unable to help out with the construction we always need dedicated individuals in the stands to help in unveil the display.

We’ve created many amazing tifos over the years. Here are just a few examples