A Couple of Announcements, Board Nominations are Open

Today, the Steel Army Board of Directors formally accepts the resignations of Bobby Zebransky, Vice-President, and Bryan Seybert, Treasurer. Both men, who will still be active members of Steel Army community, have decided to step away from the board to focus more time on their careers.

We would like to put in writing our sincere gratitude to both Bobby and Dyson for what they have done to help grow and stabilize the organization into what it is today. They are the embodiment of what it means to live for the Club and the Army. We encourage everyone to take a few minutes when you see them at the next tailgate or other event, and thank them for their amazing efforts.

Both positions will be filled in accordance to the Army By-Laws.

Today, being a calendar month before the 2016 Annual General Meeting, will open the nominations for the two Member Representative positions on the Board. These are one-year positions that are open to any member in good standing from 2015 that also intends to renew their membership for 2016. The positions are currently held by Josh Brokaw and Jordan Allen.

Any 2015 member may make a nomination on the form provided in members only section of the website. The login information has been provided in numerous past Army Dispatch emails.

Nominations will be accepted until February 13, at which time all potential nominees will be contacted to so that they may accept or decline their nominations. Election to be held, in person only, during the AGM on February 20, at Highmark Stadium.