New Hounds Weekly Pod Up (It’s preseason for Jonny too)

Hey all, first post on the Steel Army site and I got to say its good to be here! I’ve enjoyed the site in the past and I’m happy to start contributing. Look forward to providing some upcoming posts including looks at our upcoming opponents and some info on their supporters in the “Know Your Enemy” column.  Also, I’ll be helping out with game recaps and sharing with you my podcast, Hounds Weekly, a brief 15 min show on the teams previous game and whats going on with the Army.  Here is the second episode for this year, I talk about the Michigan game last Sunday, the kit reveal and talking with some of the players after the game.  Also I’ll talk about the latest with the Army, the good times at the game and what events are coming up.  I say its preseason for me too on the pod as the show is going to take a little time to get it where I would like to be, but I think you will enjoy this one and future episodes.

I also wanted to thank everybody on the support for the podcast and also for the season preview piece that’s up on the KDKA website, I’m going to be doing more writing on the stations website, including game highlights for the news and postgame sound for each home game (at least if get to the players before the kids do).  Hope you enjoy!




[Editor note: This was meant to go up last week but I’m bad at scheduling things. -Kyle]