Member Representative Nominations are Open


Hey Army,

Today being approximately one calendar month before the 2017 Annual General Meeting, nominations for the two Member Representative positions on the Board of Directors are open. These are one-year positions that are open to any Steel Army member in good standing from 2016 that also intends to renew their membership for 2017. The positions are currently held by Mike Shoemaker and Zack Waldman. Any 2016 member may make a nomination on the form provided in the Speakeasy section of the website. If you don’t recall the password check the previous Steel Army Dispatch emails you received in 2016. If you are a 2016 Steel Army member and did not receive any Dispatch emails, and wish to nominate someone for one of the open positions, please contact us.

Nominations will be accepted until the end of the day on February 20th. At that time all potential nominees will be contacted to so that they may accept or decline their nominations. New this year we will have the nominated persons fill out a short questionnaire so that Steel Army members can get to know you better before the election. The election itself will be held in person during the AGM on March 5th. The 2017 AGM will be held once again at Highmark Stadium.