Tifo Painting 9/30 and 10/1


Hey Army. It’s that time again. Put some dirty clothes on and get your paint brushes out, it’s time to do some painting!

This season marks the 10th season the Steel Army has been supporting the Riverhounds. Because of that we want to end the season big by putting together the largest tifo we’ve ever done. I’m talking magnitudes larger than anything we’ve done before. As far as I’m aware this’ll be one of if not the largest the league’s ever seen to boot. It goes without saying WE NEED YOUR HELP. We’ve been able to get by the last couple with a small paint crew since they were simple. This one, not so much.

Join us on September 30th at 9 AM, or the following day October 1st also at 9 AM. We’ll be at Zach’s place again in Squirrel Hill. Steel Army members can find his address in the Speakeasy. If you aren’t a Steel Army member, or don’t have access to the Speakeasy, drop us a line and we’ll give you directions. The plan is to go as long as we can on each day. Drop by any time, but if you’re coming later let us know ahead of time to make sure we’re still going. The more people we get, the faster it’ll go. Rain date is the following weekend.

We’re also going to turn the 9/30 day into a watch party! The Hounds will be in New York taking on the baby bulls. Kick off is at 4 PM. Even if you’re not painting, you’re welcome to come watch the match with us.

We’ll have a couple events posted on Facebook later today. If you do the Facebook and are coming please RVSP so we know how many to expect.

As always if you can bring a brush we appreciate it. Also a throw away plastic cup to hold the paint is helpful. If you have any questions drop us a line.