GAMEDAY 2: Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC VS Harrisburg

gameday_2018 v3_m2

7PM – Highmark Stadium

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Watch: Locally – Pittsburgh CW (channel locator) Elsewhere – The YouTubes


REF: Mr. Charles Murphy
AR1: Mr. Ross Kleinstuber
AR2: Mr. Corey Yearce
4TH: Mr. Kerven Moon


VIA Bet365

PIT -110

DRAW +250

HAR +240


We could try to type out a well-thought and logical preview to today’s match, but we’re just too damn excited to make that happen. Instead, lets us direct you to places that have actually discussed that matchup, so we can get to tailgating and tifo stuff.

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Pittsburgh Sports Castle

Ok? Have all the info you could need about Harrisburg and who they’ve signed and how they’re still trash? Good. Onto the pressing issues


If this isn’t your first go-around with the Army, you know the drill. For all the uninitiated, we’ll be setting up shop in the West parking lot of the stadium, which runs underneath the Ft. Pitt Bridge. Look for the “Party Time” flag and you’ll be there! Weather looks like it will be between the upper 30s and low 50s, and dry. Could end up being one of the better opening day conditions we’ve had. No excuses to miss.


The festivities slowly get started for the most courageous among us around noon. If you don’t arrive then, that’s completely fine and actually somewhat logical and sane. It’ll probably start kicking into high gear around 2:30, so plan accordingly.

There will be some food there to snack on, but maybe not plan on a full meal being provided. There may be, but we aren’t guaranteeing anything. Please BYOB, however the legendary Maria Petrillo Jell-o shots will be in attendance, so save room. We’re sure some other random food and drink will also show up throughout the afternoon. Nothing planned, but you know…


You may have heard that we have a tifo for today. Well, you heard right. It’s the biggest we’ve ever done. Roughly four times bigger than anything we’ve done in the past. This is going to require some help, both in the parking lot and in the stands, to get this all put together. We’re thinking it’ll be at least 24 people in the stands to display this thing. Not to mention people helping to control crowd flow and other ancillary tasks. Then in the parking lot we still have a little prep work to get done. We’ll also want to ensure we get some pictures and video of this thing, which will require someone on the opposite side of the field. If this all works like we’re picturing it will work, it will be the most bad-ass tifo we’ve ever done.

Its the day we’ve been waiting months to finally live. Home Opener. Harrisburg. If you can’t get up for this, you might be dead.