Tifo Painting on Wednesday


If you haven’t heard yet, the Hounds and WQED are teaming up to celebrate the greatness that is Fred Rogers at Saturday night’s game. We’d be crazy to let such a moment pass without a tifo to contribute. The design is made and fabric has been readied, now we just need to paint it, which is where all of us get involved.

Tifo painting is scheduled for this Wednesday (the 13th) at the normal spot. If you don’t know where the normal spot is, don’t worry. Contact us for the address. It’s somewhere in the city, so its accessible for everyone. We’re going to start at 3pm. If that’s too early for you, not a problem. We would expect a majority of people to arrive later, so just make it there when you can. We’ll update our progress on twitter, so you should have an idea of how it is coming along. If you plan on showing up, please try to bring a paint brush or two. Nothing fancy, cheap and disposable is perfect. We’d love to see some new faces to help paint, so hopefully you can make it.