2018 Player of the Year Results


After tallying the votes we’re happy to announce the Steel Army’s 2018 Player of the Year is none other than Neco Brett! It was a very close race but in the final days of voting Brett pulled ahead to take the top spot. The Jamaican native and RMU graduate was presented the above award and a scarf at the end of yesterday’s match. Congratulations Neco! We look forward to seeing what you can do in the playoffs.

Besides the overall Player of the Year award we also had you vote a player of the year by position. While we don’t offer awards for these, we do want to recognize the players and give them a tip of the hat.

2018 Player of the Year
Winner: Neco Brett (30%)
Runner Up: Thomas Vacaeyezeele (24%)

2018 Forward of the Year
Winner: Neco Brett (100%)
Runner Up: None

2018 Midfielder of the Year
Winner: Thomas Vacaeyezeele (37%)
Runner Up: Christiano Francois (33%)

2018 Defender of the Year
Winner: Joe Greenspan (54%)
Runner Up: Tobi Adewole (24%)

2018 Keeper of the Year
Winner: Dan Lynd (100%)
Runner Up: None