The Hounds lost last night in a frustrating fashion. The game was such a mixed bag that ultimately didn’t really matter anyways since we were already locked into 3rd. After mulling it over all night I’m just going to saw screw it and focus on this coming weekend. IT’S PLAYOFF TIME! We’re back in the playoffs after a two year “break” and have our first home game in 14 years to boot. Let’s get this hype train rolling!

The one good thing about the loss is it’s given us probably the best match up for the first round of the playoffs. The trash from across the state are coming to town again. We’ve had Bethlehem’s number all season. There’s no reason to think we won’t again. We’ll have a full match preview up later in the week.

Our job right now is to FILL THE MARK! It’s one of the biggest games we’ve had over the last few years, so this place better be jumping. Tuffy built us a brand new section for this match. Let’s pack it in and make his investment worth it! Bring your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and randos on the street you pass along the way. Anyone and everyone better be there on Saturday. Attendance is mandatory.

We’ll have some information regarding the tailgate and other activities later in the week as well.

Now go bust through a cubical wall and yell out a good COME ON YOU HOUNDS! It’s playoff week!