Saturday Activities


Obviously you’re coming to the playoff game on Saturday, but maybe you’re wondering what’s going on with the Steel Army, tailgating, and things of that nature. We got you covered. Welcome to the informational hub for all things Steel Army this coming Saturday.


Start time: 1 pm
Where: Our usual area in the west lot

We’ll be kicking off our tailgate early for those who want to spend the afternoon in good company. We’ll have our usual grill fare and extra snacks are welcome. If you bring food be OK with it getting tossed at the end. We don’t save anything and won’t have time to hunt people down to return their Tupperware.

We’ll have a 1/4 keg of something to share in our merriment. DO NOT rely on this for drinks. Once it’s gone it’s gone and with the expected crowd I very much doubt it’ll make it to 6. Think of it as a communal toast before diving into your own stash.

The Hounds are also joining in on the tailgate fun. In the West End parking lot Moe’s Southwest Grill will be on hand offering cuisine and a ticket to the match for only $15. Tickets can be purchased here. Additionally our one and only team owner Tuffy Shallenberger will be hosting a special pre-game barbeque running from 2 to 6. We don’t have the full details of that at this time but I’m sure you can mosey over there if you’re hungry.


We haven’t had a good march in a very long time. This seems like a great time to bring it back. Around 6 we’ll start packing everything up with the goal of marching to our section at 6:15. Maybe grab a couple $1 beers along the way. Can you hear the people sing? Singing the songs of Riverhounds!

In The Stadium

PLEASE BE IN THE SECTION BY 6:30! We have a new stand that we need to stake out and get rocking before the game starts.

Our new section is a whole lot bigger than the old one. We want to make sure we don’t get too spread out and lose energy. Make friends and pack it in towards the bottom of the section (about where our old seats were). The goal is to fill in at the bottom and work our way up, not sideways.

Prepare to be rowdy until the final whistle. NO PARTY POOPERS! NO EXCUSES!

It’s a GOLD OUT on Saturday. Pretty self explanatory.

We’ll need a couple volunteers for the tifo. If you want to help hang out at the front of the section when we get in at 6:30.

Friendly reminder only authorized SA members can handle the smoke bombs.

Post Game

Party in the parking lot!

If you have any questions about Saturday hit us up. We’ll update this post with any new information over the coming days.