Hats are back on the store

After a bit of a delay Steel Army hats are once again available in the online store.

For those of you who weren’t paying attention we took them down for a while due to some production issues that took a little longer to work out than we expected. We’re happy to say everything’s been worked out now and we’re back on track! Unfortunately we found that our logo is a little too complicated to be embroidered at the size required for a hat. It’s a bummer, but not too unexpected since we’ve run into this issue in the past for other things. This means we’ve changed the hat design and replaced the logo with the text graphic that’s on our new shirt. We think it’ll look pretty spiffy on both your head and your chest.

For the handful of you who were really quick to pull the trigger on a hat purchase we’ll be in touch to see if you still want a hat with the new design. If not we’ll issue a refund.

Because of the delay these hats will NOT be available at the AGM for pickup. We’ll look to have them in stock for the first watch party of the year on March 16th. Other than the hat, everything else will be available at the AGM for purchase or pick-up.