New Year, New Look

Well, if the Riverhounds, the USL, and Dunkin’ Donuts are all going to rebrand themselves we might as well update this old rust bucket of a site.

Welcome to 3.0 kids.

If you’ve been on the site before other than the new coat of paint most of what you’ll find will be familiar. We’ve tweaked a few pages, added a couple new ones, nothing crazy. One big quality of life change is we actually paid attention to the tablet and phone layouts this time so this place should be much nicer to use on those devices. We’re nothing if not trend setters.

The big change with this new site is one of philosophy. What is the primary purpose of is? Is it a site about the Riverhounds, or about the Steel Army? Maybe a little bit of both? If you’ve been to the new home page and see that the blog has been moved, you can guess where this is going. Back when we first started this crazy ride blogs were all the rage but there wasn’t anything Riverhounds focused. At a time where the team struggled for any coverage, we as supporters tried to fill that niche as best as we could. Over the years sites with legitimate journalists have popped up and are able to (and do) a much better job than we ever could. We’re absolutely thrilled about it! Over the last few seasons as the behind the scenes folks who ran this site came and went the passion to be a dedicated news / opinion outlet has waned. With these other sites now out there we feel now is a good time to shift gears.

So what does all this means for this site? is now going to primarily be about the Steel Army. First and foremost it’s about who we are and what we do. We’ve rewrote and expanded a few pages for this. Instead of a general blog front and center the “News” section will be more focused on things specific to the Steel Army. We’re not going to do things like preview and recap every game. The other sites do that much better than us with our alcohol hazed memories. That’s not to say we won’t have option pieces every once in a while or recap significant Riverhounds news, but it’s no longer our primary goal. Does this mean we’re lowering our web presence or general activity levels? Hell no! Our Twitter snark and rowdiness in the stands aren’t going anywhere. You, intrepid Riverhounds supporter, just won’t need to visit this website quite as frequent.

We hope you all enjoy the new site. There may still be a few bugs here and there but we’ll get it worked out over the new few weeks.

Our next event is the Annual General Meeting on February 10th. We hope to see everyone there. Just a little over 3 months to go until the 2019 campaign kicks off! I think I hear that hype train slow rolling off in the distance.