Season Opener Watch Party Update


The end of the long off-season is finally in sight! In less than two weeks our beloved will take the field in Tampa to begin their 2019 campaign. With the announcement of the Hounds TV schedule we can finally set our watch party plans in motion. I don’t know about you all, but I’m getting a little antsy in my pantsy.

Unfortunately we have to announce that the season opener watch party is currently in limbo. March 16th just so happens to be Pittsburgh’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration, and as much as we like to think otherwise the Hounds are a lot further down the list than the city’s favorite drinking holiday. We’ve been informed our usual location of Smokin Joes is unavailable, as well as most of the alternates.

We’re looking to see if we can work out another spot to have the watch party. If not we’ll shoot for another match. Either way we’ll post an update here when we have one.