The Home Opener, Tailgate, and You!

Army! It’s almost the best Saturday of the year. Home opener Saturday! After an extended road trip the boys are finally coming home and we can get our season long party at Highmark Stadium started! About. Freaking. Time.

Since it’s been a long while since we’ve done our thing, here’s a few points to mention for new and returning supporters.



Normally our tailgates start at 4 but being the opener this is one of our long ones. For those of you who just can’t wait some intrepid members will be kicking off the party at 12 noon. If you do decide to get the party started early don’t forget this is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t be a jagoff who doesn’t make it in.

As always we’ll have a food table setup for everyone to partake in. The yearly tradition of walking tacos are back, as well as a variety of other finger foods. That said don’t rely on us to have a full stomach. We have no idea what all people are bringing or how long anything will last.

If you want to bring something to share by all means! Be aware though everything is getting tossed before we head into the stadium, and we are not going to try to track down folks to give them back their Tupperware. Keep track of your own stuff if you want it back.

There will be a grill available if anyone needs it.

Trash bags are your friends. This isn’t a Kenny Chesney concert. Clean up after yourselves.

We don’t usually do marches but since it’s the opener we’ll probably give one a go. We’ll kick that off a little before 6.


In the Stadium

It’s the opener which means we have a tifo painted and ready to go (thank you all who came out last weekend). As such we’d appreciate it if everyone is in their “seats” by the anthem.

On a little less fun note- we had several instances over the course of last season of people throwing beer, and in the case of the playoff game other things, onto the field. When this happens shit rolls down hill from the league office level all the way down to us. It should go without saying this not acceptable and will not be tolerated. We will eject anyone who tosses something. Don’t do it. Don’t let your friends do it. Be a jagoff with your voice, not your arm.

Please do not handle the smoke bombs. Only certain Steel Army members will be authorized to do so. This is something the league is really cracking down on this year and again, shit rolls down hill and all that.

The train horn is back! If you have sensitive ears maybe stand a bit up form the first row.

Most importantly it’s the opener. Be loud and make the party at Highmark Stadium echo across the river!

It’s looking like a beautiful day for 3 points on Saturday. See yinz dahn at Highmark.