2020 Member Representative Nominations Are Open

Nominations are now open for two open Member Representative positions on the Steel Army Board of Directors. Member Representative are open to any dues paying Steel Army member who has been around at least one season, is over 18, is not an employee of the Riverhonds or affiliated organizations, and is ok with serving on the Board of Directors for one year. This is a great position for anyone interested in getting involved with the behind the scenes decision making that makes the Steel Army run.

If there are more than two nominations a vote will be held at the AGM on February 22nd. In the case of a vote, the nominees will have a short questionnaire to fill out that will be posted on the site for the rest of the membership. Additionally, nominees may make a brief statement at the AGM. The nominees appointed to the Board of Directors will be determined by a simple plurality vote.

Nominations are open until Noon ET on February 10th. The nomination form is up on the Speakeasy. The password is still the same, but if you forget it’s in the Dispatch emails sent out from the past season. If you need any assistance feel free to reach out to us.

Keep an eye out on the site in the coming weeks for additional AGM related announcements.