AGM: Member Rep Nominees & Bylaw Changes


At our Annual General Meeting this Saturday we will have a couple things for our present members to vote on. First, as with every year, we have a pair of open positions on the Board of Directors that need to be filled. We’re very excited to have seven members toss their hats into the ring this year. To help you get to know our nominees a bit better before the vote we’ve asked them a few questions. Steel Army members can see who has been nominated as well as their responses by following the link on the Speakeasy section of the site.

In addition the current Board of Directors have a pair of minor bylaw changes we’d like to propose to the membership. These changes can also be found on the Speakeasy.

We’re still using the same Speakeasy password as last year (it will change after the AGM). If you don’t remember what it is you can find it in a previous Dispatch. If you are a new member who hasn’t received a Dispatch, or you still can’t find the Speakeasy password, shoot us a message and we’ll get you access.

It’s going to be sunny and 45 degrees out on Saturday. No excuses to miss our pre-season kickoff.