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GAMEDAY 6: Richmond Kickers vs Pittsburgh Riverhounds


5PM – City Stadium

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Match Officials, as assigned by PRO:

REF: Mr. Mark Gorak
AR1: Mr. Ben Pilgrim
AR2: Mr. Will Aten
4TH: Mr. Aaron Hormuth

Morning Line Odds via BET365

RIC -110

Draw +250

PIT +230

Are the Pittsburgh Riverhounds a good team? It is a question no one may be able to answer yet. We’ve seen the good, the bad, and a little of the stuff in between, so we sit here on this fence about how realistically optimistic we should feel. With all that said, the Hounds’ opponent today, is bad. Richmond has one win against three losses. They’ve been kept off the score sheet in three of those matches, and have a single goal in…

GAMEDAY 2: Riverhounds vs FC Cincinnati


5PM – Highmark Stadium

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Match Officials; as assigned by PRO:


REF: Mr. Guido Gonzalez Jr.
AR1: Mr. Cory Richardson
AR2: Mr. Brandon Smith
4TH: Mr. Maxwell Hartman

Morning Line Odds, via BET365

PIT +187

DRAW +240

CIN +110

Note: Rich Balchan not impressed with how the bookmakers see this playing out…

@Grubba_Trib @PghRiverhounds @fccincinnati Screw em.. they’re not on the field

— Rich Balchan (@RichBalchan) March 31, 2017

Last week was fun, wasn’t it? We had nearly perfect weather, six goals combined, an early front runner for goal of the year, and a Hounds team that looks like they…

GAMEDAY 1: Riverhounds vs New Jersey Red Bulls II


5PM – Highmark Stadium

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Match Officials, as assigned by PRO:


REF: Mr. Charles Murphy

Last Hounds Match: Home vs Cincinnati (9/14/16)
AR1:  Ms. Maggie Short
AR2: Mr. Matthew Fotia
4TH: Mr. Lucas Feathers

Morning Line Odds, Via BET365

PIT +240

DRAW +260

NY -125

Last season sucked… hard. It started bad and then somehow got worse. We were angry, the club was miserable, and the fun times had disappeared. Going to games became something that more closely resembled work than pleasure. We never want to see it get that bad again. But, we’ve had a couple of months to…

The Hounds are in Division 2


On Friday night the United States Soccer Federation finally gave the USL their long sought after Red Ryder BB gun of (provisional) Division 2 sanctioning. Provisional being a key word. In the coming year or so the USL will have to prove to the Federation that they won’t shoot their eye out. Oh yeah the NASL kept their D2 sanctioning too. In 2018 two leagues enter the D2 cage, and only one leaves? Who knows. The USSF did their best can kicking instead of definitively sort out the mess of lower division soccer. Look for the potential final chapter of the Division 2 saga next December.

If you’re not a familiar with the soccer warz that have been going on over the last eight years or so, maybe you should keep it that way. If not talk to someone during…