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The Hounds are in Division 2


On Friday night the United States Soccer Federation finally gave the USL their long sought after Red Ryder BB gun of (provisional) Division 2 sanctioning. Provisional being a key word. In the coming year or so the USL will have to prove to the Federation that they won’t shoot their eye out. Oh yeah the NASL kept their D2 sanctioning too. In 2018 two leagues enter the D2 cage, and only one leaves? Who knows. The USSF did their best can kicking instead of definitively sort out the mess of lower division soccer. Look for the potential final chapter of the Division 2 saga next December.

If you’re not a familiar with the soccer warz that have been going on over the last eight years or so, maybe you should keep it that way. If not talk to someone during…

Gameday 23: Rochester Rhinos vs Pittsburgh Riverhounds


6:05 PM – Sahlen’s Stadium

Gameday 18: Pittsburgh Riverhounds vs Charlotte Independence


7:00 PM – Highmark Stadium
Tailgating starts at 4

The Next 10 Days


Hey Army! The next 10 days is a busy stretch for us. We have three Riverhounds home games, our annual footgolf tournament, and Steel City FC’s final game of the season. So much soccer! This is your friendly reminder of the what, when, and where’s. We hope to see everyone out at these events!

Thursday 7/13 – Riverhounds vs Richmond Kickers
7 PM – Highmark Stadium
Tailgating starts at 4 or whenever you get off work
Facebook Event

Saturday 7/16 – 3rd Annual Steel Army Footgolf Open
11 AM – Cabin Greens Golf Course
Early Registration
Facebook Event

Sunday 7/17 – Steel City FC vs Michigan Lions
1 PM – The Ellis School
The ladies last game of the season!
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Sunday 7/17 – Riverhounds vs Harrisburg City Islanders (Keystone Cup Game 2)
7 PM – Highmark…