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Off-season Speculation: Head Coach [UPDATED]

All has been quiet from the club with regards to anything related to the professional team. That, kinda, changed this morning, when Steven Goff of the Washington Post posted the following tweet.

@PghRiverhounds in 3rd-tier @USLPRO pursuing Navy’s Dave Brandt for coaching vacancy, multiple sources say. #Mids 26-8-6 in 2013-14

— Steven Goff (@SoccerInsider) November 6, 2014


Before we get into Brandt’s resume (which, is nice) there a few things curious about this. The idea of a coach coming from the college ranks shouldn’t be too surprising. Dejan Kovacevic all but confirmed that was the team’s intentions a few weeks ago. Goff mentions multiple sources. How many sources could there be? I’m counting three, with an outside possibility of a fourth; the Riverhounds, Dave Brandt, some representative for Dave Brandt (Do D-I soccer coaches have agents?), and the US Naval Academy. Also, it’s important to note that…

RECAP: On to Orlando, Hounds Win 1-0

By @SAdyson


The Hounds defeated Duquesne University 1-0 after a pretty nice strike by Rob Vincent.

But we’ve come to the conclusion that this preseason has been pretty meaningless for the club.

The Hounds have not received the 4-5 players on loan from the Dynamo. New signings such as Ngwenya, Obodai, and even John have not seen a significant amount of time on the field during preseason. Most of the players out on the field during these preseason matches have been depth players (such as C’deBaca and Green) or trialists (such as Cabrillo and Earls).

As such, it is difficult for us to be particularly excited about the Hounds before they leave for Orlando to face the Lions. We feel as though these matches over the past two weeks have not really shown a whole lot about what the team will look like once…

Gameday: Duquesne University vs. Pittsburgh Riverhounds

DUQHomeGameday7PM – Highmark Stadium

There are a couple different things going on today, and we don’t have a clue who will be starting or appearing for the Hounds in their final preseason game.

Duquesne comes down from the bluff to visit their neighbors. The Dukes were our most successful stop on the Steel Army College Tour. A very lively group of Rooney’s Goonies joined us in watching their club play George Mason to a tie. There is a rumor that the Goonies could be making an appearance at Highmark, tonight. We may have a small battle on our hands.

As for on-the-field expectations, there are none. With the recent addition of Collins John and the addition of the Dynamo players delayed until Monday, the hope of using this game as a test run for a potential…

RECAP: Angulo Gave Us a Hat Trick, Hounds Win 5-2

By @SAdyson


Well, this should make a lot of people feel better.

After controlling possession yet still trailing 1-0 due to a Robert Morris PK, the Hounds looked frustrated. A goal by Angulo broke the ice, and he followed through with 2 more goals to cap off a 5-2 Riverhounds victory over Robert Morris University.

Miro Cabrillo and Robert Vincent joined in on the fun, scoring a goal each. The team absolutely DOMINATED the second half, and it was rare to see the college side maintain possession for more than a minute at a time.

This is more of what we will come to expect from the Hounds this season. And El Tanque will lead the way.


  • Take back everything we said about Angulo looking out of shape the first game — he looked every bit as…