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Saturday sure was a hell of a night. Admittedly I did a lot of nervous sipping of apple juice and maybe celebrated a draw a little too much (ain’t that a soccer-ism), so enough specifics to write a proper recap are three sheets to the wind. What’s left is a strong mental fist pump you get after passing a tough test. The Hounds did what was often done to them, salvaged a point in the dying moments of the match. Against a clearly playoff bound competitor to boot. Feels good man. It’s amazing the Hounds couldn’t get a couple more behind the Louisville keeper. Several goal line chances and more corners than you can count should’ve put another notch or two in the goals column. Since it all ended positive I chalk it up to it is what it is….



That’s how you do it! That’s how yous top a skid. A crushing, dominating, run-up the score performance against some cross state jagoffs. What beautiful goals to boot. Greenspan showing off his new found heading skills, a grinder of a goal from Brett, Forbes picking the pocket of Bethlehem’s keeper on a tight angle shot, and finally a Lee – Dover connection that was smooth as silk. Insert that Vince McMahon gif here. It was great to see the offense explode against a tough team battling for a playoff spot. It’s exactly what the doctor ordered after the recent struggles. The midfield and defense continued to be strong and if it wasn’t for that soft penalty call the Hounds would be adding another shutout to the stat column. All in all a great Friday night under the lights.

We have a big match…

GAME 26 QUICK RECAP: Cincinnati Bungle


I hate stutter step penalties. Hate them. Hate them with a burning passion. I have no stats but I can’t help but feel they increase the chance of a striker boning it up ten fold. That fraction of a second has just as much of a chance to make a striker over think it at the worse possible time as it does faking out the keeper. Take a penalty decisively and do it clinically. Get the job done.

In retrospect that penalty set the tone for the rest of the game. Sure we scored shortly after but then the Hounds go and bone it up. Four times in the second half of the season we’ve given up a goal in the 80+ minute that changed the outcome of the game for the worse. Four times in eleven games. Nearly every other game. It’s…

GAME 25 QUICK RECAP: Gridiron Football


What a mess of a game. Between the field, the ref, and both keepers making terrible decisions, I don’t know what you can take away from it other than the Hounds once again drop points. Again they looked damn good for stretches, and again barely anything to show for it. This is not the time of the year to forget how to close out a game. With nine games to go, even with the possible six point swing against Cincinnati whatever challenges the Hounds has hope for first place is pretty much gone. Which is fine. After a couple seasons at the bottle no one would have thought they’d come this far in one season. The team has a nearly equal buffer to the last playoff spot so I think we can feel good about that. The goal now should be to…