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Join Us

So, you want to join the Steel Army? To start all you need to do is to come to a Hounds game, join us in the Paul Child Stand, and passionately support the Hounds for 90 minutes. Whether you are a Steel Army member, a general Riverhounds supporter, or someone coming to a game for the first time, all are welcome in the Paul Child Stand!

Being a dues paying member is not a requirement to sit in the Paul Child Stand or to attend Steel Army events; however, it will come with additional perks.

For an annual dues of $25 in person, or $26 online, you can officially sign on with the Steel Army. Each year you will receive a membership package that includes, but is not limited to, a unique scarf. Additional perks, merchandise, and other things along those lines are also available for members, but can change on a year by year basis. If you’re interested in joining click the merch link at the top of the page to order online, or find us tailgating before a Hounds game to purchase / pick up in person.

All funds collected through membership dues go 100% back into the Steel Army. Dues help fund tifo, game day supplies, Steel Army events, and keeping an inventory of merchandise.


Season tickets for the supporters section are purchased directly through the Pittsburgh Riverhounds and Highmark Stadium box office. Season tickets may include additional perks from the team that are not available to Steel Army members who only purchase single game tickets. We encourage all Steel Army members to purchase Riverhounds season tickets.