The Paul Child Stand, a.k.a the Supporters Section

The east end in Highmark Stadium is where the Steel Army calls home. While the entire side is designated the “Supporters Section,” we’ve claimed the area behind the goal on the river side as our main section. In 2015 the supporters section was renamed the Paul Child Stand in honor of Pittsburgh soccer legend Paul Child. The Paul Child Stand is general admission with no assigned seats — where you end up at the end of a game may be different from where you started.

You’ll find the Steel Army singing, chanting, drumming, and waving flags though out the match in support of the Hounds. Excessive and organized swearing is discouraged. We are in close proximity to families and kids, and try to limit egregious displays of inappropriate behavior.

You will find flags of various designs and colors placed throughout the section. We encourage you to grab one and wave it during the game. Please leave any Steel Army flags in the section after the match. One of our members will collect them to distribute during the next match.

Smoke bombs are only allowed to be set off by authorized Steel Army members. If you bring your own you will be expelled from the stadium.

There is only one rule in the Paul Child Stand: don’t be a jagoff. We’re all there to have a good time — so let’s keep it that way.