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GAMEDAY 10: Pittsburgh Riverhounds vs Harrisburg

gameday_2018 v3_m10

Highmark Stadium – 7PM

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REF: Mr. Ismir Pekmic
AR1: Mr. Jeffrey Swartzel
AR2: Mr. Gregory Irwin
4TH: Ms. Taylor Bombalski


PIT – 138

DRAW +250

HAR +300


Reminder: The boys on donning the new black kits tonight. We’re all in black. Don’t be that guy who say’s they didn’t hear. Show up in color and get jeered. Simple as that

There shouldn’t be anything needed to be written to help get anyone excited for tonight. It’s Harrisburg. Its the Keystone Cup and the Old Guard Shield….



Hey Army! No doubt about it, Wednesday night sucked. Fortunately that’s ancient history now cause we got another game tomorrow night. The Harrisburg jagoffs are coming to town for the next installment of the Keystone Cup AND Old Guard Shield. To “celebrate” the Hounds will be debuting their new black kits, and we’re going to join in on the fun by blacking out the Paul Child Stand. Come on out, be ready to lose your voice, and wear some black doing it. Anyone wearing color gets shunned.

Kick off is at 7. Tailgate stats at 4. Don’t let the chance of rain scare you off. No excuses!




Hey Army,

Things suck right now. There’s no need to sugar coat it. The Hounds are going through another terrible start to the season, and we just got international attention for all the wrong reasons. Let’s throw in crappy weather while we’re at it. Moral is understandably low. In these bad times let’s not forget we’re supporters. We love this team in good times and in bad. We love this team even when we’re critical of them. We love this team because it’s our team. This is Pittsburgh soccer, and if there’s one thing Pittsburghers are good at, it’s being stubborn and not quitting.

At this point we’re about 1/4 of the way through the season. I think it’s time to circle the wagons a bit and rally. Let’s focus our passion on something a little positive. We’re calling for a Blackout of…

#UNLEASH a Blackout


Hey Army.

It’s been a long and tough season this year that may or may not come to an end on Saturday. What is for sure is that no matter what Saturday will be the last home game of the year. As we stare into the abyss that is the post season it’s important for us to stand together as supporters. No matter what happens we are one group and one team. We don’t put “There’s Only One” and “Live By the Cub, Die By the Club” on our scarves for shits and giggles. In that vein (and a great suggestion from Jordan) we want to institute a blackout in the supporters section for Saturday’s match. Dortmund has their yellow wall. Let’s make a black hole.

On Saturday wear some black. Wear black to unite as a supporters group. Wear black to support…