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Boy. Did not see that one coming. This afternoon instead of announcing a new GM like most of us expected, the Hounds dropped a bomb by announcing Dave Brandt will not be returning in 2018, and that none other than now former Rochester Rhinos head coach Bob Lilley will be taking his place. Cut to my jaw on the floor.

Brandt was coming off a mediocre but improved season with a vision for the future. While there were parts of last season which were frustrating to watch, I think most of us were more than willing to give him another season at the helm and have some stability for the first time in a while. The new(ish) D2 standards had other plans. Brandt apparently couldn’t get his ‘A’ license for whatever reason, and since the USL is pushing for no more USSF waivers,…

Off-season Speculation: Head Coach [UPDATED]

All has been quiet from the club with regards to anything related to the professional team. That, kinda, changed this morning, when Steven Goff of the Washington Post posted the following tweet.

@PghRiverhounds in 3rd-tier @USLPRO pursuing Navy’s Dave Brandt for coaching vacancy, multiple sources say. #Mids 26-8-6 in 2013-14

— Steven Goff (@SoccerInsider) November 6, 2014


Before we get into Brandt’s resume (which, is nice) there a few things curious about this. The idea of a coach coming from the college ranks shouldn’t be too surprising. Dejan Kovacevic all but confirmed that was the team’s intentions a few weeks ago. Goff mentions multiple sources. How many sources could there be? I’m counting three, with an outside possibility of a fourth; the Riverhounds, Dave Brandt, some representative for Dave Brandt (Do D-I soccer coaches have agents?), and the US Naval Academy. Also, it’s important to note that…