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US OPEN CUP RECAP: Masters and Commanders


The Hounds went up to Erie last night and took care of business, defeating the Erie Commodores 2-1. Besides securing the victory they also got the Open Cup road loss monkey (or parrot if we’re going to stick with cliche nautical things) off their back. Two early-ish goals was all the boys needed though it wasn’t as comfortable as maybe we hoped. Giving up a goal right before the half is never good, but fortunately the Hounds locked it down in the second half and kept it from being a momentum changer.

I ended up having to listen to the “radio” for most of the game so I don’t have much to say on how well the team looked. Quick aside: how awesome was it to have that option? I have no idea what the logistics would be, but a home audio…

Second Round US Open Cup Matchup Set


One of the best parts of the soccer calendar is the US Open Cup. It’s one of if not the longest running competition in the US, and it’s always fun to see how far small teams (and more importantly the Hounds) can go. FC Cincinnati’s deep run last season brought about a lot of buzz and begrudgingly was exciting to watch. For us the highlight in recent years was when DC United came to town in 2015. While the Hounds didn’t come out of the match victorious, it was still a magical night that everyone fondly remembers. Unfortunately since then the Hounds have really struggled in the tournament, but we have high hopes that’ll turn around this season.

Last night the Erie Commodores beat the Rochester River Dogz in penalties to move on to the next round where they’ll take on the Hounds…