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We’re going to Harrisburg on Saturday


Hey Army! Don’t forget we are heading to Harrisburg THIS Saturday and we fully intend to bring home the Keystone Cup with us. Despite the Hound’s current form we’re going to have ourselves a fun time and rock the socks off of Harrisburg fans. For those of you still dragging your feet don’t be a jagoff and sign up already. You don’t want to miss out of our always kick ass trips. There are still seats available! Sign up through our online store.

NOTE: We will be dropped off and picked up from a bar in Harrisburg. Probably McGrath’s as has become the tradition. This means if you are under 21 you will only have access to the downstairs dining area before the game, and will NOT be able to get in at all after the game. Sorry but them’s the…

Harrisburg Away Trip 2017



We’re happy to announce the bus is booked and we’re ready to start taking sign ups for our annual trip to Harrisburg. Join us on Saturday August 12th as we take 50 of you across the state for an always memorable night. There’s a lot to play for this year. Not only are the Hounds doing decent and are in the playoff hunt, but the Keystone Cup will still be up for grabs. Not to mention the new Old Guard Shield both teams are competing in. It’s going to be a hell of a night! Tickets for this trip are $40, and if we’re the smooth talkers we think we are, will include your ticket to the game. It’s BYOB, we just ask that you check yourself before you wreck yourself. Anyone puking on the bus gets left at a rest stop….

Fill This Bus


Hey Army! Hope everyone had a good Sunday recovering from the heat and loss on Saturday. A quick word on the Harrisburg bus. Since it’s only a month away we need to get a head count sooner rather than later. We can talk all we want but if not enough people answer the call then a bus isn’t financially feasible for us. We can take a little bit of a loss, but we can’t bankroll a half empty coach. If we don’t get the turn out we’re looking for we’ll still car pool people out there. Either way we need to make that decision this week. If you’ve verbally committed to us, go to the online store and sign up. If you’re a fence sitter or a last minute person, let’s get moving. If you’re some of the people who…

Harrisburg Away Trip


Steel Army Assemble! Yeah this season sucks. Yeah the Hounds keep losing. Yeah moral is low. We just lost to Harrisburg. I’m sure some of you are ready to check out.

Screw. All. That.

We’re supporters. We’re not going to sit here and feel sorry for ourselves. Did you see the banner the Harrisburg supporters hung in our stadium last game? That cannot stand. I don’t care if we don’t win another game the rest of the season. You don’t skip rivalry games. We’re not going to go quietly into the night. We’re going to Harrisburg. We’re going to take over and own that little ballpark of theirs. We’re going to give it hell for 90 minutes. We’re going to bring home the Keystone Cup again.

A seat on the bus costs $35 for Steel Army members and $40 for non-members.