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Preseason Hype: Adidas

Back in the fall I dreamed of the Hounds adopting dark kits, and now with an apparent “new era” less than a month away, it’s time to dream again. The last few years the Riverhounds, and much of the league, have used Nike kits. While better in recent years, there were seasons where multiple teams had the exact same look except for a color swap. Not exactly very exciting. Those days are hopefully behind us now as last week the Riverhounds announced they will be partnering with the company that to me is synonymous with soccer, Adidas.

Kit possibilities are wide open now! Well, sort of. Adidas still generally uses templates (do you want your three stripes on the shoulder or down your side?) but they’re a lot less in your face about it than Nike. Adidas has been the…

Offseason Daydreaming: Dark Kits

Yesterday afternoon the Mon Goals boys caused a little bit of a stir when they came across a Riverhounds kit concept-

Could these be legit? Thoughts? pic.twitter.com/aEX7g9VbxQ

— Mon Goals (@mongoals) October 24, 2017

Unfortunately for us, as sexy as that kit is, it’s just a fan concept and not something we’ll see. However it did get me thinking about kits, and the more I thought about it the more I kept coming back to one thing I really want to see and think would be a good look for the Hounds – dark kits.

When I say dark kits I don’t mean just straight black like they’ve had before. Black is fine and all, but it’s typically not very exciting. When I say dark kits I mean a dark scheme. Blacks, and more importantly, greys. Black and gold will always be Pittsburgh’s colors, but adding grey…

New Year New Kits

As has been tradition over the last couple years, the Hounds will have new kits this season. Earlier this week the Hounds had their preseason photoshoot and we now have a peak at what they’ll be wearing-


It’s not drastically different from what we’ve seen before, but it looks good. Horizontal stripes are hot this year. Several teams in all three leagues sporting the look. We’ve only seen the home kit so far, but I’m sure the away and third kit will be new too. Away kits tend to be the same as the home, just in black. Black with a yellow stripe across would look really sharp, though I have a feeling it’ll be white. The third kit where the blue comes out. The vertical stripes they wore last year was very popular among fans. If they brought that back you won’t…

Off-season Speculation: 2015 Kits

It’s already been a busy off-season for USL PRO announcing expansion team after expansion team (which we’ll talk about more another time). Sadly for the Riverhounds it’s been as quiet as a morgue. By all accounts they can’t actually do anything until the bankruptcy stuff is settled. Last I heard that will be on November 3rd so hopefully one way or the other some information should start to trickle out soon. At any rate a recent pair of posts gives us the opportunity to do some good old speculating for next year since we don’t have anything else to talk about.

2015 Kits

There was a rumor over the summer that during this off-season the Riverhounds would go through a re-brand to bring themselves more inline with the rest of Pittsburgh sports. Basically officially make their colors black and gold among other things. Kutney has mentioned the black and gold thing…