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Game 16 Recap: 4th of July Dud


I’ve lost track of how many times I come out of a game thinking “well they played alright, it just wasn’t their night.” It’s getting tiring to say the least. Maybe the guys had too many hot dogs earlier in the day, or maybe Charlotte just has our number- we’re 0-5-2 against them over the last three seasons. Whatever it was, Tuesday night sure didn’t go according to plan.

While the roster may have been different, the Hounds played similar to how they did against Tampa nearly two weeks before. This time though the offense couldn’t put the ball in the back of the net to save their lives (save for Walsh’s pity goal in the 92nd minute). It wasn’t for lack of chances either. Hertzog and Parkes had several great shots. They just either couldn’t find the corner of the net…

Game 15 Recap: Head Over Heels


Even a couple a days after the fact I’m still buzzing about the Hounds win on Thursday. They came out against one of the best teams in the Eastern conference and just asserted their will for most of the match. It was a trap game where for once we were the trap. I don’t know if the roster shakeup is what did it or if Brandt really laid into them this week after the abysmal Louisville loss, but whatever it was it worked. This is the Hounds team we like to see.

Maybe saying they asserted themselves / were dominate isn’t the best way to describe it. If you look at the stats Tampa out possessed the Hounds by a wide margin, 63% to 37%, but they weren’t able to do anything with it. Half of their shots were from outside…

GAME 6 RECAP: Off the Rails


Saturday was a season defining moment, but not in a way any of us expected or wanted. What Parkes did to Ouimette in the waning moments of the game is indefensible. It’s fortunate Ouimette wasn’t seriously injured and was able to travel home with his team. The kick and ensuing coverage brought a black mark to the Riverhounds and the USL. For a club and league that wants to be taken seriously there was only one acceptable response to it- the immediate suspension and cutting of Romeo Parkes. A lot has been written over the wekeend, and there’s probably more to come in the following weeks. At this point there’s no need for us to pile on. I’ll leave it at this- It’s a shame to see a talented and impactful player throw it all away in one moment. However, everyone is…

GAME 2 RECAP: Hounds Fight For A Draw


For the first time in a while the Hounds were on the right side of a late goal, snagging a point on the road. For a team only playing their second match of the season the Hounds looked strong pretty much the entire match. If they would’ve came away from that effort with nothing it would’ve been extremely disappointing.

It was another game of two halves for the Hounds. In the first half it looked like they were trying to get a quick goal more so than controlling play. There were a lot of through balls on the ground and in the air, and they actually got quite a few chances from it. The midfield threaded the needle though Toronto’s high line to connect with Parkes and Hertzog on runs. Probably half the time they were just offsides, but the other times…