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Richmond Bus Canceled


Hey Army. Unfortunately we did not meet the target we needed to have the bus make financial sense, so we have to cancel it. If you’re one of the folks who signed up we thank you for your support. You will receive a refund in the coming days. Even though the bus isn’t happening we strongly encourage members to car pool down to Richmond. Don’t forget we have a reimbursement program this year! We may try to do something locally for the game, stay tuned. As far as away trips goes we’ll regroup later in the season and see if there’s another away date that makes sense to try another bus.

The Hounds return home next Friday the 11th when Indy 11 comes to town. It’s also the Third Annual Night Out. If you don’t have tickets yet make…

LAST CALL: Richmond Away Trip


Hey Army,

The Richmond away trip may not be until June but we need to make a decision on the bus tomorrow May 1st if we want our deposit back. To be frank the Steel Army coffer’s can’t afford to take a big hit on this, especially so because the distance makes this one of the most expensive things we’ve done. We need it filled. Period. Right now we’re only at about 1/5 full which isn’t nearly enough. We can’t take the risk and hope the rest is filled by June 2nd. So, sign up today! If you’re dragging your feet, stop it and sign up. Grab a friend and sign them up. Does Grandma need to get out of the house? Sign her up. If we don’t get most of this bus filled by the end of tomorrow we will have to…

2018 Away Trip: Virginia is for Lovers


Hey Army!

It’s kind of a tough year for an away trip. Harrisburg ended up on a week night (suspicious…), and Rochester is on hiatus. Cincinnati is either super early in the season, which doesn’t give us time to get a trip together, or super late, which comes with it’s own possible issues (aka, if team sucks). So this year we’ve decided the best of the rest would be a jaunt down to Old Guard Shield rival Richmond on Saturday June 2nd. Richmond may have slipped a bit in the standings over the last couple seasons, but they’re always a challenging match up. They’ve also seen a resurgence in attendance which should make for a fun time in the stands.

Tickets can be purchased in our online store for $60. We know, we know, it’s a little higher than usual. Unfortunately…

Game 23 Recap: We Came, We Saw, We Kicked Their Ass!


The Hounds got the job done. We got the cup. The team’s one point out of a playoff spot. Nine games to go. Let’s do this!