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Preseason Hype: Matchups to Circle


Hot damn the USL schedule is finally out! Time to plan our summer and let our loved ones know that sorry, we can’t go to little Jimmy’s birthday party. What’s the big deal? He’s just a cousin…

Now that we’ve poured over the league calendar for the last week or so, let’s take a month to month look at the Hounds opponents and circle a few dates.

March 31st vs Harrisburg
Thankfully to start the season we only have one home game in March this year. While the season opener in Nashville is probably the more interesting of the matches, our home opener trumps all. Doubly so when it’s against Harrisburg, or Penn FC as they’re called now. Even though it seems like they might just be a glorified academy team now, I’ll take any early three points against…

Preseason Hype: Adidas

Back in the fall I dreamed of the Hounds adopting dark kits, and now with an apparent “new era” less than a month away, it’s time to dream again. The last few years the Riverhounds, and much of the league, have used Nike kits. While better in recent years, there were seasons where multiple teams had the exact same look except for a color swap. Not exactly very exciting. Those days are hopefully behind us now as last week the Riverhounds announced they will be partnering with the company that to me is synonymous with soccer, Adidas.

Kit possibilities are wide open now! Well, sort of. Adidas still generally uses templates (do you want your three stripes on the shoulder or down your side?) but they’re a lot less in your face about it than Nike. Adidas has been the…