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Hounds Win First Preseason Match 2-1, 3 New Names Emerge


The 2016 version of the Pittsburgh Riverhounds started their campaign with a 2-1 victory over Penn State at the college side’s indoor facility. It appears that everyone survived the contest without injury and 19 players, signed and unsigned, took to the field for the professional club.

Mark Steffens’ first starting XI of the year featured six returning players, four totally new faces, and a returning Hunter Gilstrap between the woodwork. Penn State alum Corey Hertzog started up top to lead the Hounds attack.

With early exhibition contests comes a slew of names not (yet?) on the roster and one of them found their way onto the field to start the friendly. Someone with the last name ‘Murrell’ was listed as the left back for Pittsburgh. A quick search through the Googles reveals that it was probably Jordan Murrell, a Syracuse alum who spent…

2016 Preseason


Besides announcing the long awaited regular season schedule last week, the Riverhounds also dropped their preseason schedule. As usual it’s a smattering of college teams, but it’s a different group than we’ve seen over the past few seasons.

2/28 – @ Penn State – 1 pm
3/6 – vs Ohio State – 1 pm
3/13 – vs Michigan – 12 pm
3/18 – vs Akron – 6 pm

Nothing against the local colleges the Hounds tend to play, but they aren’t exactly powerhouse programs. It tough to get a good idea of what the team will be like going into the season when they roll through the preseason. Last year most of the schools they faced were outside of the top 100. This year they’re mostly in the top 50. I don’t follow college soccer so I don’t have a lot to…

A Couple of Announcements, Board Nominations are Open

Today, the Steel Army Board of Directors formally accepts the resignations of Bobby Zebransky, Vice-President, and Bryan Seybert, Treasurer. Both men, who will still be active members of Steel Army community, have decided to step away from the board to focus more time on their careers.

We would like to put in writing our sincere gratitude to both Bobby and Dyson for what they have done to help grow and stabilize the organization into what it is today. They are the embodiment of what it means to live for the Club and the Army. We encourage everyone to take a few minutes when you see them at the next tailgate or other event, and thank them for their amazing efforts.

Both positions will be filled in accordance to the Army By-Laws.

Today, being a calendar month before the 2016 Annual General Meeting, will open the nominations for the two Member Representative positions on…

Last night got out of hand

Weekday Hangover: The Hounds keep on keeping on, and I like Kevin Kerr

The Hounds keep on trucking through the pre-season as the regular season nears. 11 days people! Get pumped! They came out of last weekend 1-1-0 which brings their preseason record to 3-1-0. While no longer perfect, the Hounds are still undefeated with a cushy +9 goal differential.

Riverhounds defeat Duquesne University 4-0
Riverhounds tie Akron 1-1

I missed both games so I don’t have much to say about them. However, how about that Kevin Kerr? Going into the season the roster is pretty wide open. New coach, new system, a lot of new players… everything is up for grabs for those who are driven enough, and Kerr is showing that he is. Kerr has been well liked among the Steel Army since joining the team in 2013. He works hard, has an intensity about his play, and has a solid midfield game. What he hasn’t really done…