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Game 22 Recap: Truckin’


The good times train keeps on rolling with the Hounds picking up their third victory in a row. BUT AT WHAT COST?!?!!!?

Dramatics aside this was another mostly dominate performance from the Hounds. The midfield was smothering, the offense had several dangerous chances, and except for a pair of miscues the defense was stout. It’s the kind of match we fully expect at this point.

Neco Brett continued his march all over opposing defenses and up the golden boot rankings. His first goal showed a wonderful bit of finesse and ball control as he undressed the defender to find a bit of room. That roll over was something only a striker oozing with confidence would do and pull off. To follow that up with a pin point perfect shot at the corner makes all the boys and girls hearts flutter. His second goal…

Game 20 & 21 Recap: Back on Track


There’s no better way to get the hype train back on track than a cool six points. After losing two in a row the Hounds have come back this week with two victories in a row. It may have been against bottom of the table teams, and it may not always have been pretty, but wins are wins and points are points. After last week the Hounds jump back up to second place and the hunt for Cincinnati is back on.

With three games within a week Lilley took the opportunity to give the depth guys some quality time on the pitch. Notable veterans Kerr and Greenspan started Wednesday match on the bench, making way for guys we haven’t seen much of such as Lubahn and Franke. You would think switching around the roster would bring out some rust and lesser play,…

GAME 19 RECAP: Don’t Panic


You know, I had a long post written up that as it went on I started to freak myself out more and more about this two game losing skid. But you know what? I’m not going to let myself fall back to the pessimistic mood from years past. To take a line from the good old Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy- Don’t Panic. Yes we’ve lost two in a row, yes there has been uncharacteristic late defensive lapses, and yes the striker position suddenly has a big question mark (especially around one Romeo Parkes). But all that said, does anyone really think this slide will continue? That this coaching staff with these players won’t be able to make a course correction? I don’t think so. I can not, I will not, believe this team is going to Same Ol Hounds it up….

GAME 16 & 17 RECAP: Choo Choo


Two games. Six Points. No where to go but up. The Hounds head into another off week flying high and more importantly flying up the standings. In the five games since the last off week the Hounds have gone 4-0-1 with 7 goals for and impressively all clean sheets. We’ve reached the mid season hump and I think we can safely say this season is really happening.

July 4th was an amazingly weird, crazy long night. After many delays and shortly after the clock turned over to July 5th, the Hounds came out of their annual 4th of July game with three points. Thew whole night was bonkers and I didn’t know what do with myself for a solid day afterwards other than walk around my house going “How about them Hounds!?” to no one in particular. Games with a lot of weirdness…