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News: Highmark Stadium Expanding


It’s been somewhat common knowledge since the beginning of the season that the Hounds would need to expand Highmark Stadium in the near future, if not this offseason, to meet USSF Division 2 standards. Well since the offseason is upon us it’s time to start making those plans. As reported by John K over at DKPittsburghSports.com General Manager Kevin Johnston has confirmed that once the season wraps up on the 14th the Hounds will get the ball rolling on adding seats to the stadium.

For those who may not be aware Division 2 standards require a team to play in stadiums with at least 5,000 seating capacity. I’ve seen some back and forth, but from what I understand this does not include standing room only. Seating being the key word. Highmark Stadium as it currently sits clocks in at…

Hounds News Recap: Off the Field

There’s been a lot of news surrounding the Hounds this week following their press conference on Tuesday. All of it very is exciting. It seems like every news article has a new nugget of information. So we’re going to consolidate the news from all over the web in a couple posts on here to make a one stop shop. It looks like it’s going to be a busy off season so we’ll do this periodically so that everyone is up to date.

I’m going to break this week’s news into two posts. On the field news, and off the field news.

Now for some off the field news!