The Board

Members of the Board are the individuals who work behind the scenes (and often in front) to make the Steel Army and Steel Army events an incredible time for everyone. Members of the Board also work directly with the Riverhounds front office on any issues or concerns that may arise. We’re a friendly bunch — so don’t be shy. Feel free to talk to us at Steel Army Events or on Twitter / Facebook.

For more information on specific board roles, as well as the election process, please see the Steel Army bylaws.

Members of the Board

Maria Petrillo – President

Gary Smith Vice-President

Aaron Paquette Treasurer

Jess Asti – Secretary

Kyle McHenry – Webguy / Director-at-Large

Dan Yost – Director-at-Large

Jordan Allen Director-at-Large

Josh Brokaw Director-at-Large

Mike Shoemaker– Member Representative

Zach Waldman Member Representative