The first rule of tifo is… you do not talk about tifo. The second rule of tifo is… you do not talk about tifo.

So what is Tifo? Tifo is a visual display, usually involving large banners, that is created to show the passion and support that the Army has for the home team. Tifo is created in secret and is not shown to the public or the team until its unveiling. Throughout the season, we’ll put out calls for volunteers to work on Tifo displays. If you’re able to make it, we encourage you to come out! Tifo nights are a great time to meet fellow Steel Army members, have a couple beers, and bond over cans of paint.

Past Tifo’s

Hertzog (2017)

Back from the Dead (2017)

Benigno Numine (2016)

Paul Child (2015)

No Strings (2015)

Kevin Kerr (Rochester Away Trip 2015)

Rob Vincent (U.S. Open Cup 2015)

The Iron Price (2015)

Through Hardship To The Stars (2014)

Mr Yuk (Harrisburg Away Trip 2014)

Mr Burns (2014)

Live By The Club, Die By The Club (2013)

Paul Heasley Tribute (2013)

The House That Jason Built (2013)