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RECAP: New Era Hounds


No, not the brand. This isn’t baseball.

The Hounds came out with confidence last night. After a bit of a slow start due to the weather, Kevin Johnston sent a beautiful pass over to Tuffy Shallenberger who sent a rocket into the net.


In all seriousness last night was a good one and hopefully a night that in a couple years we can point back to as the turning point for the organization. Going into this offseason we didn’t really expect that much, but the slow buildup of changes and announcements over the last few months has really made the excitement for this season palpable. There was something in the air both at the stadium and among those watching the stream. This year could really turn out to be something special.

As for the announcements, let’s recap the big ones.

Allegheny Health Network returns at…


HOLY CRAP! HOLY! CRAP! This is bananas. After years of pie in the sky tailgating discussion about a Riverhounds re-brand, it looks like it might just happen.

Before I start losing my mind, a bit of back story. The current Riverhounds logo and name are very much a product of the late 90s. Look at some of those old MLS names or even in the USL, and it fits right in. Over the years soccer in the US has moved away from that to more European / “classy” crests and names that represent a city and not an animal. The Riverhounds have just sort of stayed the course. While I think a lot of us have made peace with the name Riverhounds, or Hounds, and maybe even rather like it, I think everyone can agree the logo itself is a bit of a relic. Over the last couple years the…

Preseason Hype: Matchups to Circle


Hot damn the USL schedule is finally out! Time to plan our summer and let our loved ones know that sorry, we can’t go to little Jimmy’s birthday party. What’s the big deal? He’s just a cousin…

Now that we’ve poured over the league calendar for the last week or so, let’s take a month to month look at the Hounds opponents and circle a few dates.

March 31st vs Harrisburg
Thankfully to start the season we only have one home game in March this year. While the season opener in Nashville is probably the more interesting of the matches, our home opener trumps all. Doubly so when it’s against Harrisburg, or Penn FC as they’re called now. Even though it seems like they might just be a glorified academy team now, I’ll take any early three points against…



Boy. Did not see that one coming. This afternoon instead of announcing a new GM like most of us expected, the Hounds dropped a bomb by announcing Dave Brandt will not be returning in 2018, and that none other than now former Rochester Rhinos head coach Bob Lilley will be taking his place. Cut to my jaw on the floor.

Brandt was coming off a mediocre but improved season with a vision for the future. While there were parts of last season which were frustrating to watch, I think most of us were more than willing to give him another season at the helm and have some stability for the first time in a while. The new(ish) D2 standards had other plans. Brandt apparently couldn’t get his ‘A’ license for whatever reason, and since the USL is pushing for no more USSF waivers,…