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Preseason Hype: Matchups to Circle


Hot damn the USL schedule is finally out! Time to plan our summer and let our loved ones know that sorry, we can’t go to little Jimmy’s birthday party. What’s the big deal? He’s just a cousin…

Now that we’ve poured over the league calendar for the last week or so, let’s take a month to month look at the Hounds opponents and circle a few dates.

March 31st vs Harrisburg
Thankfully to start the season we only have one home game in March this year. While the season opener in Nashville is probably the more interesting of the matches, our home opener trumps all. Doubly so when it’s against Harrisburg, or Penn FC as they’re called now. Even though it seems like they might just be a glorified academy team now, I’ll take any early three points against…

Schedule’s Out


This afternoon the USL’s dart board must’ve fallen off the wall and accidentally hit publish on the website. The league narrowly avoided going into February again without a schedule. Bust out the cake and punch!

At any rate here we are. 32 games against the Eastern Conference over 30 weeks. A grueling schedule and a long way from the 20 game season when the Steel Army first started. As we know from Friday’s announcement we’re kicking things off at the same time in late March, but this year we’re going a couple weeks later into October. Coupled with playing nearly a quarter this year’s matches before May, we’re going to get a lot of use out of our scarves.

The Hounds kick the season off with a tough opening month. 7 games in the first 35 days, with 5 of…

2016 Hounds Schedule is Out: First Thoughts


The 2016 Riverhounds (and full USL) schedule is out. Some quick thoughts on the schedule as well as some dates to circle on the calendar (for those who haven’t already circled all 15 home dates).

The first thing to notice is that all home games are at 7pm. No more scorching in the sun for afternoon kickoffs.  There are also no games placed less than three days apart. The team avoided all back-to-back dates last year, but did have an instance of two games in three days while up in Canada. While this year features more mid-week games, mostly towards the end of the season, it avoids some of the ultra-bunched up scheduling the league has used in the past. Of the 15 home dates, 10 fall on a Saturday, two on a Wednesday, and…

Schedule’s Out! Mark Those Calendars!

The long national nightmare is over- the 2015 USL schedule is finally out. We gave the USL a lot of crap on Twitter last week, and rightfully so for putting out a late schedule yet again, but man… golf clap to the schedule makers. I love this schedule. The USL has long struggled with the layout of the season. Over the years we’ve seen a lot of midweek games, and the dreaded double header weekend. It sucked for us fans, and really sucked for the players. It looks like with the league expanding the USL decided to, or was finally able to, turn the corner because there is next to none of those issues this year. The Hounds only have two weekday games, not counting the Open Cup, and there are ZERO two game weekends. The worst stint for the Hounds is early July where there are 3…