Game 21 Recap: The Hounds went down to Tampa


The Hounds went down to Tampa,
They were looking for a point to steal
They were in a bind, ’cause they’re way behind,
They were willing to make a deal
When they came across this young man
Dribbling on the field and shootin’ it hot
And Morrell jumped up on the player’s bench and said,
“Boys let me tell you what:
I guess you didn´t know it, but I’m a goal scorer too,
And if you’d care to take a dare,
I’ll make a bet with you
Now you play ok soccer, boys,
but give the Rowdies their due
I bet three points of gold against your souls
‘Cause I think we’re better than you”

The Hounds said, “We’re from Pittsburgh, and it might be reckless,
But we’ll take your bet, we’ll probably regret,
‘Cause we’re a bit of a mess”

Hounds, tie up your boots and give it all you got,
‘Cause hell’s broke loose in Tampa and Morrell calls the shots
And if you win you’ll get the admiration of your fans,
But if you lose, it’s the same old Hounds.

I had more fun coming up with that than watching the game.

Up Next

The Hounds are back home this Saturday as uncharacteristically bad Richmond comes to town. Three points are required to keep the season alive. Kick off is at 7 PM. Tailgate starts at 4.

If you’re at the Red Bull Flugtag earlier that day several Steel Army members are participating as Mr. Rodgers’ Friendly Skies. They’re the first group to go at 11 AM.

Harrisburg Trip

Rain or shine. Win or lose. Happy or depressed. We’re still going to Harrisburg. SIGN UP TODAY!