That’s how you do it! That’s how yous top a skid. A crushing, dominating, run-up the score performance against some cross state jagoffs. What beautiful goals to boot. Greenspan showing off his new found heading skills, a grinder of a goal from Brett, Forbes picking the pocket of Bethlehem’s keeper on a tight angle shot, and finally a Lee – Dover connection that was smooth as silk. Insert that Vince McMahon gif here. It was great to see the offense explode against a tough team battling for a playoff spot. It’s exactly what the doctor ordered after the recent struggles. The midfield and defense continued to be strong and if it wasn’t for that soft penalty call the Hounds would be adding another shutout to the stat column. All in all a great Friday night under the lights.

We have a big match up coming up this Saturday as water logged Louisville comes to town. It’ll be a battle between #2 and #3 in the East as both teams try to lock up the #2 spot. Besides a big one for the standings it’ll also be a good playoff test for the Hounds to see if they really are back on the right track. Kickoff is at 7. Tailgate starts at 4. Your attendance is required.