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GAME 6 RECAP: Possession is for cowards


You need possession? Possession is for cowards. Possession makes you weak. Possession is for washing goals against off that pitch and you don’t get no goals against on my pitch, boy you must be outside yo mind! We are going to sprints, until this team is no longer tired, and wins the league.

Sorry, no full recap this week. The Hounds are back on the road next Saturday to take on the Rochester Toronto 2’s.


LAST CALL: Richmond Away Trip


Hey Army,

The Richmond away trip may not be until June but we need to make a decision on the bus tomorrow May 1st if we want our deposit back. To be frank the Steel Army coffer’s can’t afford to take a big hit on this, especially so because the distance makes this one of the most expensive things we’ve done. We need it filled. Period. Right now we’re only at about 1/5 full which isn’t nearly enough. We can’t take the risk and hope the rest is filled by June 2nd. So, sign up today! If you’re dragging your feet, stop it and sign up. Grab a friend and sign them up. Does Grandma need to get out of the house? Sign her up. If we don’t get most of this bus filled by the end of tomorrow we will have to…

GAMEDAY 5: FC Cincinnati v Pittsburgh Riverhounds


7PM – Nippert Stadium

Watch: Locally on Pittsburgh CW and nationally on ESPN+


REF: Mr. Greg Dopka
AR1: Mr. Benjamin Hall-Volpenhein
AR2: Mr. Kevin Lock
4TH: Mr. Noah Matos


via BET365

CIN -110

DRAW +260

PIT +220

Welcome everyone to the match that isn’t a rivalry, despite the league and some other interested parties really wanting it to be so. The Hounds travel to Cincinnati to play a match in a college football stadium against that city’s local soccer club.

We wish we could write a bit more than that, but we’ve reached a point of Riverhounds coverage where there is already better…

GAME 4 RECAP: Sacs à main


One nil, the Lilley classic. In a surprisingly chippy match against Ottawa the Hounds come away with another three points. For most of the match it was a bit of a grind, which probably attributed to the heated challenges late in the second half. We may see more of that in the future as Lilley grinds his opponents down. As long as the Hounds keep their noses clean, frustrating the other side is a-ok in my book. Get them off their game, get them uncomfortable. We’ll gladly take some double yellows please and thank you. Much like the other games Ottawa never looked particularly dangerous They only got off 3 shots all night, and the only one on goal only looked more dangerous than it really was. It may have taken the Hounds a little longer than we would have liked to…