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Watch Party Saturday


As if we didn’t have enough going on this week we have a watch party on Saturday. After tifo painting in the morning come join us at Smokin’ Joes in the South Side as we cheer on the Hounds in Charlotte. Game starts at 7, party starts at 6. The usual food and drink specials, including a free pint of the Golden Hound after each Hounds goal, still apply.

FAIR WARNING: We’ve been at capacity the last couple watch parties. If you’re not a fan of cramped spaces the watch party may not be for you. Also don’t expect to sit, there’s very little to begin with and it goes quick.

See yinz there!


2018 Player of the Year Polls Are Live


Army! It’s time once again to rock the vote. Each year the Steel Army Player of the Year award (a very major award if we do say so ourselves) is handed out at the last home game of the season. The winner is completely up to you, our members, and can be any player on the squad that has made at least five appearances. It could be a statistical leader, the not flashy but always reliable player, or just someone whose personality you like. It’s completely up to you! In addition to our overall Player of the Year we also have positional breakdowns so that we can recognize guys all across the pitch.

The polls are now live on the Speakeasy. If you forget the password check your emails for the latest dispatch. If you are a member and didn’t get the Dispatch…

Tifo painting 9/29


Hey Army! Next Saturday, September 29th, we’re going to be painting a tifo for an upcoming game. WE NEED YOUR HELP. If you’ve seen our displays in the past you know that they’re pretty big, and believe me it’s not a very quick or fun process to paint one with only 3 people. What we have planned has a lot of detail work which always slows things down. The more help we have the better it’ll be.

Painting will be at Zach’s place again in Squirrel Hill (same as the last few). To keep the secret allure of tifo and to not doxx Zach, if you’re interesting in coming please message us for the address (Twitter, Facebook, Email, Discord, whatever). Painting will start in the morning at 9 AM in the afternoon at 1 PM and go as long as we need….

Watch Party This Sunday Sunday Sunday


Hey Army! August is a bit of a weird month as far as game days go. Most of the Hounds matches are on weeknights which doesn’t lend itself well to watch parties. So for our August party we’re going to have one this Sunday when the Hounds head to Bethlehem. We know it’s a bit of an odd day and odd time but we hope you all still come join us at Smokin’ Joes in the South Side to cheer on the boys. Kick off is at 5 pm, party starts at 4. The usual specials and a free Golden Hound after every Hounds goal is still in effect. As always please remember this is a 21 and over event.