Shirt of the Month is back!



We’re happy to announce the return of the shirt of the month exclusively for our members! After taking a year off from it due to *gestures wildly* we’re excited to bring you a new batch of shirts that are somewhere between awesome and silly. As before we view the shirt of the month as a fun perk for Steel Army members and not something we’re trying to make a profit on. We’ll try to set the pricing as close to “at cost” as we can. That said starting this year the Board has decided any profit that comes in through the shirt of the month, regardless of the shirt, will be given directly to our new Community Outreach committee to do with it as they see fit. Might as well do some good while we have some fun.

Steel Army members- the first shirt of the month is now live. Head over to the Speakeasy for the link. Since we’re starting a bit late there will be some overlap between May and June as we get back on a normal month long schedule.