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Kings of the North


The Hounds went to Rochester and came back with the rare win. To be fair the Hounds were more or less filling in for the Rhinos, but we’ll take any victories up there when we can. The boys were a little sloppier than their last outing against Atlanta 2. Toronto had quite a few dangerous looks in the second half, and eventually got a late goal. Fortunately Toronto is tteerrriibbbllleee and couldn’t do anything about the Hounds two goal lead for most of the game. Despite having a consistent starting 11 for once, Toronto’s defense was particularly bad this week. They looked like a bunch of cones out there and were about as effective. Perhaps they got a little rattled from playing I front of a dozen more people than they’re used to at home. The Hounds attack really had their way…

GAME 6 RECAP: Possession is for cowards


You need possession? Possession is for cowards. Possession makes you weak. Possession is for washing goals against off that pitch and you don’t get no goals against on my pitch, boy you must be outside yo mind! We are going to sprints, until this team is no longer tired, and wins the league.

Sorry, no full recap this week. The Hounds are back on the road next Saturday to take on the Rochester Toronto 2’s.


GAME 5 RECAP: Death, Taxes, Cincinnati Draws

Photo by @AlexVehr Photo by @AlexVehr
For whatever reason we seem unable to win in Cincinnati, but by far this was the closest we’ve gotten.

It was a match where the Hounds looked their worst this season for a loooong stretch of the second half and yet they’re still coming home with a point. Ladies and gentlemen, I do believe we’re going to be contenders this year.

Cincinnati really feeds off their crowd. Sucking the life out of the place is just as important as getting shots on goal. Those silver spoon Ohio jagoffs don’t know how to deal with adversity. For a lot of the first half that’s just what the Hounds did. An early goal from Dover and smothering defense has the Hounds sitting pretty. Cincy started to get some pressure towards the end of the first but…

GAME 4 RECAP: Sacs à main


One nil, the Lilley classic. In a surprisingly chippy match against Ottawa the Hounds come away with another three points. For most of the match it was a bit of a grind, which probably attributed to the heated challenges late in the second half. We may see more of that in the future as Lilley grinds his opponents down. As long as the Hounds keep their noses clean, frustrating the other side is a-ok in my book. Get them off their game, get them uncomfortable. We’ll gladly take some double yellows please and thank you. Much like the other games Ottawa never looked particularly dangerous They only got off 3 shots all night, and the only one on goal only looked more dangerous than it really was. It may have taken the Hounds a little longer than we would have liked to…