Put a Two Stick in Highmark Stadium

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. The Hounds finally start their season this weekend down in Louisville (on ESPN2 to boot!), and we can finally yell at our TV’s for more mundane reasons. After a pair of road games the Hounds will return home to Highmark Stadium on the 22nd, albeit to a much quieter house. Due to the continued health threat that is Covid, the Hounds will be playing behind closed doors for the foreseeable future. That said, just because Highmark will be empty doesn’t mean it needs to look barren.

Our goal is to put up as many two sticks / banners in our section that we can. The Steel Army may not be able to be physically be present, but our support will still be there. This is where yinz come in. It wouldn’t be nearly as fun if we made everything ourselves. We’re putting the call out for any and all Riverhounds fans to create a two stick or some other small banner / sign to put up. Let’s get the creative juices flowing!

The Timber’s Army has a nice little page on two-stick creation.  It doesn’t need to be anything complex. It’s your personal show of support. You do you.

The drop off location will be in Squirrel Hill. Steel Army members, the address is in the Speakeasy section of the site. The password is in the Dispatch emails. If you are not a Steel Army member, message us and we’ll give you the address.

Two-sticks / displays must be dropped off by the end of Sunday July 19th

Before you get started, a couple guidelines-

– Please keep it PG.
– It should be a personal sized two-stick, sign, banner, whatever. We’re not 100% on where we’re putting these and don’t want to wrestle with a 20 foot banner.
– We prefer a two-stick so that we can tie it to a seat and have it upright. We will not be hanging banners over the front railings.
– There’s a good chance these will be left up for a while in the elements. Paint and fabric hold up well. Cardboard, not so much.
– We would appreciate it if you could provide the poles for your two-stick, but we’ll buy some if you’re unable to. Your two-stick poles should be able to clear about 3 feet off the ground to get above the seat it’s being tied to.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out.